Monday, November 12, 2007

Overwhelmed In the Castle

Perhaps I should change the name of this blog to "A View from the Castle". You know the saying, a man's home is his castle. Well, I am writing to you from my "castle" and I had a whole nuther idea that I was going to cathart but I have to share this story first.

A funny story about Aly's pronunciation of the word castle. Last year about this time, she was in the mode for filling her Christmas wish list, keep in mind that we were going to China so we steadily encouraged her to make THAT her main wish on the list. However, she was convinced that she should have a pink castle that she had noticed in some child's toy catalog. I am glad I got to see what she was talking about at the time she described it to us because she had not mastered the beginning "k" sound for castle so it came out like, yep you guessed it... as*hole. SO she was in fact telling us that she wanted a pink as*hole. I know , I know she is just a small child and as innocent as a newborn pup but her pronunciation was as clear as could be on this item. Needless to say, after wiping away the tears from my eyes, due to self imposed refrained laughter we of course wished to share this experience with others and encouraged her to ask some of our friends for her "wish". After all, laughter is the best medicine.
Alas, those days are over now, it is a castle now and forever more and no longer Ucky Ease but Chucky Cheese and we go to Church instead of Urch. But I still have the memories.

I am further reminded of my own loose tongue that tends to come back to bite me on occasion. For instance, my biggest vice has to be foul language. I know, not the Christian thing you want to hear but hey it's honest. I am a "dammi*" kind of guy with a "sh*t" thrown in when I mess something up. But most of the time I am asking myself out loud "what the he*l is this?" Or "where the he*l did I put this or that". You get the picture. Well, a while back, my girls, Shelley, Aly, Lili, Bailey, and I were going through the drive thru at Chik-fil-a and I ordered the little toy book for Aly. No sooner had I given her the book and was driving off that I heard, "what the he*l is this?!" To which I wrecked into the car in front of us and died laughing, not really. I had to ask her again, "what did you just say?" And she repeated it again and used it in a proper fashion asking about a particular picture that was confusing her. Well, her mother was not too amused although she did laugh. I on the other hand was quite impressed with her proper grammatical exercise and you will be pleased to know that I did instruct her not to use that type of "adult" language again. But it certainly made me aware of little ears, you too huh?
So it has been a while since I posted last. I appreciate the comments from friends and loved ones and those I have not even had the pleasure of emailing or getting to know yet. Don't give up on me please. I assure you once we get passed the overwhelming aspect of the Sanford residence our lives will be more organized and I can post these wonderfully amusing thoughts for your entertainment and education. Although currently we are about to lose what little mind we have left listing and selling items on Ebay. Just in time for the holidays. Those fun filled days will be here in a moment and that is how we are making a living right now so I am sure you understand.

Getting back to the title of this blog, I wanted to say how overwhelmed I have been since reading my wife's blog and her reminisces of our referral days for our girls. Oh my Lord, it hardly seems possible that we not only have one beautiful daughter but that we have two. As I write, one is sound asleep in her crib for her nap and one just yelled out "yea" because she learned how to line up and turn over the dominoes. The "antique coke bottle" dominoes that I am selling on Ebay I might add. (That adds to the overwhelmed part.)
They have been such a blessing to our lives. They have changed us forever. To those of you waiting, it is so worth the wait. And God is perfect at placing your daughters/sons so keep the faith. He does not fail. It is still so hard to imagine what we did before them. Can't wait to see the future with them. All part of God's magnificent sovereign plan.
What an awesome God to give me daughters that I can laugh and cry with and cuddle and love to pieces in spite of my short comings.

He looks beyond my foibles and loose tongue and sees my heart...

a father's heart.

Something I KNOW He is familiar with.