Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Does anyone read this?

Hello to anyone reading this. Please post a response. I am deciding whether or not I should continue. It's kind of like cooking for one. Why go to all the trouble to make a five course meal when a tv dinner will suit.
If I do receive some comments that make me feel guilty or encourage me then I will stay the course and perhaps blog more often.
Anyway. After that last post, spooky pictures, I don't expect a lot of response.
Thanks for your time anyway

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Proud Papa

Shelley and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary today. Yes we were married at Ancient City Baptist Church at 2:00 pm on May 6, 1995. It has been the adventure of a lifetime and I wouldn't change a thing. Through all our ups and downs and everything in between she is the love of my life and the mother of my two beautiful, amazing little girls and I love her more each passing hectic, frustrating day. I know she loves me too because she hasn't killed me yet.

We spent the day with our girls, just living life and being around them was a blessing.

I want to share a blessing with you.

For your viewing enjoyment here are several pictures of my heart. What a blessed man I am and I need to remind myself of this sometimes. There is no comparison to the love of a good woman and beautiful (inside and out) children.

We'll start off with my little bundle of joy, lady bug Lili. She loves her hats and she loves to laugh. Notice the red toenails to match her lady bug hat. She was SOOOO proud of these.

Here is our most recent performer for her children's choir performance at church. The "Obedient Bee" These children were SO good and of course every parent was bursting at the seems with pride. We were too and our little bee of course buzzed the brightest for us.

Of course these two are already best of friends and are going to be such all through their lives God willing. They do so love each other and enjoy playing together.

Just a cool picture I dabbled with a bit. I know I am partial but I think she is just beautiful.

And here is that famous lady bug hat again. It was originally bought for Aly and she has had a lot of fun with it. Now Lili loves it. But Aly won't be out done. She loves her sister but she has to have camera time too.

Here are my two little fashion mavens. They LOVE to play dress up and Aly loves to dress Lili and herself. Her tastes are truly eclectic and we LOVE it.

I just love this picture of Lili and her Mom.

She is practicing puffing her cheeks out for trumpet playing.

And here is Lili practicing her lip position for trumpet playing.

I'm telling you the girl is musical. I love this picture of Aly watching Lili.

And of course "madam smiles and drools a lot".

This little beat of my heart just looks good in anything.

Aly loves dress up and this is her last Fall Festival outfit of a little princess ballerina.

Her smile and laugh are so contagious and we thank God for that.

She is just growing up SOOOO fast. And gorgeous too!!

Sisters, -there were never such devoted sisters.

Here are the beginning shots of our acrobat.

Aly is climbing and jumping on everything these days.

She loves her Gymnastics class and it shows.

After all, its only a sofa and you can always get another one.

But shots of this little jumper are priceless.
Here our Aly is at her Gymnastics class. She is so attentive and good.

Of course I am going to say that.

Did I mention how smart and beautiful she is?


A Lili sandwich.

All my beauties together.

Lili loves to imitate Aly and her gymnastics stuff.

She especially loves to rock in her Mom's recliner.

Here she is having a fun time.

And she knows we don't approve of the super power rock that they LOVE to do in the chair,

so she loves to give me that coy little "please?!!!" look.

And of course it NEVER works.

Yeah right.

Who could deny such a lovable face as this?

See what I mean? But I love it. Am I blessed or what?!!!!

Thank you God for the blessing of my family.