Monday, February 2, 2009

She is His FOREVER!!.

So much to do and the same amount of time as everybody else in which to do it. I can't complain. I have plenty of time. My life isn't that hard right now. Frustrating yes, hard no. God is as He always is G-O-O-D and whether we understand Him or not currently, He is in control and that is alright with me. (I am sure he just took a big breath of relief).

My wife commented to me last night that it had been a looooooong time since I blogged. Well, yeah it has been. I don't know who my audience is now. I know that if my mother were still alive and even my mother-in-law for that matter I would have two faithful followers. JUST so they could give me their feedback so as to improve my writing or something I said or did. I wish I had them around so they could comment. I miss them both so terribly sometime.

One of those times was recently when I got the honor and huge responsibility of leading my oldest daughter, Aly to the Lord. She is only 5 years old and although we had talked many times about the "free gift" and what it meant to be saved and asking Jesus to come into your heart I was cautious to make sure she understood.

I have known so many people in my life who had to be baptized two and sometimes three times until it "took" because they were "too young" to fully understand what they had done when they were so little. Or they just did it because everyone else their age was doing it. I wanted to make sure that MY daughter got it right and that she didn't just waste God's time with another, "fake" conversion.

But the wonderful thing is that I know it wasn't just one of those things. She sought me out. There was no other reason other than it had been on her mind, that and I did say that Heaven was going to be better than Disney World and we had been talking a lot about Disney World lately. Seriously, she understands what sin is, and that it separates us from God and that we need forgiveness for those sins and the only one who can forgive us is Jesus. She got that. All in that little 25 year old five year old mind of hers. She wanted to be forgiven. She visibly was remorseful for her having sinned... and when she asked God to forgive her and Jesus to come into her heart, it was a real, eternity making event. Simple, yet profound. Right there, in our bedroom, sitting in my recliner with my little girl on her knees praying with her head in my belly she met the Savior of the world and her life has not been and will never be the same again.
It was real. It was enormous and yet very small. It was child like faith that the Creator of our hearts demands if we are to come to Him. She may very well not remember the day or the hour or even how it all took place. But her heart will, and her name is in the book of Life and she is FOREVER in His MIGHTY GRIP.

She still fights with her sister, although not as much, pushes the limits, although truly not as often and she has changed. She wasn't a bad little girl before. The worse thing she had ever done that we know of was to take some of Poppy's change without permission ( we taught her about stealing) and she just wanted to put it in her piggy bank for the missionaries (God love her).

I am going to get the opportunity to baptize her. That is if my knees don't go wobbly on me and I tear up and lose it. My heart is so full. We are so blessed. Her Mommy and I never imagined.

I think my heart grew a size.
Like I said God is always G-O-O-D.