Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hello again

Hello to anyone who is out there. So good to be back writing on this blog. A place where I can come and share thoughts and insights into the world of this faulty father. Every day I realize that I make mistakes in parenting my beautiful little gifts from God. But also everyday I realize that God teaches me something new and I improve a little too. I think the good is outweighing the bad... I still yell too much.

My oldest, Aly asked me why I yelled so much. Boy if that isn't an eye and ear opener. A part of my heart that I can't live without is being hurt by my actions. I would never in a million years do anything to harm her and here I am hurting her everyday by yelling. Well, I am an adult and I am a child of God and I know He can help me to change this because He is all powerful and I am willing. SO, if you are out there and you stop by, please make sure to offer a prayer to God on my behalf. I need strength to change this part of my personality that effects and affects my children and I am sure my wife.

There is not an excuse to give. The only reason I can come up with is that I have always been a yeller. Loud family. Doesn't make it right just a reason. Anyway, thanks for listening or should I say reading.