Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm back.....oh my aching BACK!!

Greetings friends and family and whoever you are who stops in to read what this crazy old fat man has to say about life and love and whatever is on my heart today! Now look at how I rhymed that so well. If it were a song it would sound swell. Oh no. I am stuck in this rhyming theme. Maybe it will go away and I can just believe it was a dream.
OK, I am sure you are rolling your eyes by now and wondering what kind of extra curricular drugs I am taking these days. I assure you I have been on some drugs and they have had me a little loopy but praise God I am off of them now and all I take is a little Advil these days so my joints won't hurt so much and that is usually at bedtime.
Anyway, I was taking the muscle relaxers because I pulled a muscle in my back and I mean I PULLED a muscle. Shelley said you could see it ball up and just do a wavy kind of thing. All I know is I am a grown man and I was crying it hurt so much. I had to get my little girls to leave the room because I didn't want them to see me in that much pain. Oh my gosh it was sooooo painful and I could not get it to stop seizing up on me. If I breathed in it seized up. If I breathed out it seized up, if I looked left, or lifted my little pinkie on my right hand....yep you got it, it seized up. I don't know what I would have done if it had not been for my loving wife who rubbed tiger balm on me and icy hot and just loved me through it. She has been having her own bout of pain with some nerve problems from her neck affecting her knees. Go figure. It is all due to that little fender bender back last September when it tore something in her neck and she is still suffering as a result. Please remember her in your prayers and say a "thank you" to Him for healing my poor back. Boy I tell you, I am careful, careful, careful now.
Let's see, why did I decide to blog today. Well, I think it was because I am putting off an assignment that I don't want to do right yet but I will get to it soon enough. For anyone who cares and does not know I am attending Liberty University through their Distance Learning Program to finish my Bachelors Degree. It really has been interesting and fun and my family and I are very excited about it. I am doing very well, praise God and am staying ahead of the game this time.
The whole system has changed since I attempted to finish my degree through their system about three years ago. Back then you bought a lot of tapes and DVDs and watched at your own pace and took tests whenever. Well, for me while working at the Children's Home did not work so well because I procrastinated terribly. Needless to say I had to withdraw because I let the work build up on me too much.
This go round they have changed. Everything is on line. I take my exams on line. I submit papers on line and listen to audio lectures online and can search the web while listening to see visuals that the professor is talking about in the class with his overheads! It is really amazing. I am also so excited that I really WANT to learn this stuff. Not like when I was in college my first 8 years (ha ha). I am interested in the information and I get to bore Shelley with it. Actually she says she enjoys learning stuff from me as I am a verbal or auditory learner and retain more information if I repeat it aloud. We are also amazed at how God has lead me to this and is combining all of the classes to teach me things that work together.
For example, I am ending up my class on Humanities which has taught me a great deal about the history of the western world through the lens of art and architecture. It has taught me a lot about the time when Christ came to earth. The fullness of time. How perfect it was for Him to be born when He was. This info goes in line with what I am studying in my Theology class etc.
SO, I am quite sure you are bored with this but for me it is a wonderful exciting window to a new career possibility for me and a more secure future for my family. I sure know my father in law appreciates it.
I am putting these pictures of my heart in here so you can see how well they are adjusting to sharing a bed, and a room. We were going to set up Lili in her toddler bed but then we realized that Aly hated to sleep alone she was soooo used to sleeping with us, which although I loved the closeness I was loving sleep a little more. So we moved Lili into Aly's room and they LOVE it. Such devoted sisters who love each other to pieces.
Here they are getting ready to go to sleep. They play a little and pray for each other and after Mom reads to them they slowly drift away.
And look at how they show their love for each other even in their sleep. God love em!! I sure do!!

Well, I am tired and sleepy and just wanted to say hello to everyone. Please leave me a comment or two to let me know you are still reading. I will try to post more often with more interesting info. More about my little heart beats. They are so wonderful. And the one who keeps me going, actually keeps us all going around here, my beautiful pacemaker-Shelley. I love you my dear!
Till next time.


Susan said...

I love your little heart beats,, I also would love to hear your perspective on next Tues. :)

Anonymous said...

Here, here Susan! David the analyst! Here's one groupie following yer blog David! ;o)